RA-V Missions


Suva, Fiji

We left Auckland around mid-morning on our way to Fiji to get to our final country we were to visit, Tuvalu.

Tuvalu was probably the hardest country to get to (there was talk of us travelling to Tokelau as well, which would’ve been even harder. There’s no airport and the only way to get there would be to travel to Samoa and take a boat. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t thrilled at the prospects of that. Not sure how I feel about it if it was ask to do it now). We had to travel to Nadi, take a flight over to Suva, spend the night, then take a morning flight to Tuvalu.

The brief layover in Suva was actually quite nice as well. The airport was smaller since it doesn’t see the big airliners carrying tourists, but the city was quite a bit larger than Nadi. The drive from the airport to the hotel was a decent one, roughly 30 minutes or so, but the hotel was quite comfortable.